Keypair is expiring.

Grant Olson kgo at
Wed Jul 21 19:00:38 CEST 2010

On 7/20/10 9:38 AM, Wolff, Alex wrote:

> Can I change the expiration date of my key pair to not expire...without
> having to re-issue another public key to all my encryption partners?
> Or do I have to re-issue?

They'll need to get it somehow.

But that's where keyservers are handy.  You push the key with the new
expiration date to the keyserver.  People (hopefully) refresh regularly
and get the new date.  If they don't refresh regularly, when they see
the expired key they will (hopefully) refresh manually from the
keyserver.  If they don't do either, when they tell you your key is
expired, you can tell them it's up-to-date on the keyserver and/or mail
them a copy of the new public key.


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