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On Fri, 2010-07-23 at 02:07 -0400, Faramir wrote:
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> >> Deniable encryption is a useful tool, but it is not a universally good idea.
> > 
> > An interrogator as described in this thread is a movie plot threat. In
> > reality, nobody is going to torture you for your key, because there are
> > much easier ways of obtaining your cleartext or figuring out if you have
> > a hidden volume.
>   Well, I suppose in most countries nobody is going to torture you, but
> there are other countries where you can't be so sure... Also, an
> interrogator that doesn't care about hurting an innocent can be very
> dangerous, if he suspects he is being fooled.

Nobody in any country is going to torture you for your key, because
keyloggers are much less expensive than torturers + torturing equipment.
It's much easier to just place a keylogger somehow and get the key in
plaintext with no fuss in a week. There are dozens of other ways to do
something like this.

Torture is a great movie plot threat; people can easily imagine it
happening, so they overestimate its likelihood. In reality, it is
exceedingly rare for people to be tortured for their encryption keys.
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