Can't open PGP file with Gnupg

Cooperider, Brian Brian.Cooperider at
Mon Jul 26 16:41:55 CEST 2010

Thanks Charly for the quick response. We are a windows user. I'll need
to verify the exact version of pgp they are using. I won't be able to
see if that works until tomorrow but hopefully it does.

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Cooperider, Brian wrote the following on 7/20/10 4:48 PM:

> File contained no openPGdata. 

GnuPG requires Unix line endings.

Maybe, just maybe the file that was created by 6.5 command line (would
that be PGP Command line 6.5.8?) is not Unix line ended.

You might want to try and convert that file from his current format to
Unix line-endings, using a text editor. As a Macintosh user, I would
avail myself of BBEdit. I guess that you are a Windows user, I don't
know which editor would be available.

Just a thought.

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