file contained no OpenPGPdata

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Thanks, I'm correct in that GNUPG is not compatible with IDEA but is
with casts and 3DES?

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Cooperider, Brian Brian.Cooperider at wrote on
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>We have a customer using pgp command line version 6.5. The file 
they are
>sending us is giving us the error "file contained no OpenPGData" 
We are
>using  GnuPG 2.0.12, GPA 0.9.0

How is the pgp user encrypting this?

If it's with symmetric encryption, then pgp6.5.8 uses IDEA by 
(In order for the pgp user to change this default behavior, the 
user needs to use the following command:
pgp +ciphernum=1 -ce filename  (this uses CAST5)
pgp +ciphernum=2 -ce filename  (this uses 3DES)

pgp6.5.8 can use only the 3 cipher algos: IDEA, CAST5, or 3DES,  
nothing else.

If they are encrypting to your key, then how did you generate this 
key in gnupg?
You would have needed to use the gnupg option of --pgp6 or pgp6.5.8 
will be unable to use that key.

It might be advisable to download a free commandline version of 
(available here: )
and set up a test system, and see if you can communicate with it 
using gnupg, and then tell the pgp6.5.8 client what additional 
commandline entries the client needs to use.


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