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Thu Jun 10 19:04:37 CEST 2010

Am Donnerstag 10 Juni 2010 18:39:25 schrieb Jameson Rollins:
> Speaking of spam, I'm getting more spam from some sort of automated
> ticketing system that seems to be subscribed to this list that I ever
> have from a keyserver.  The mail seems to come from:
> and it often sets the From: to be from someone else.  This is totally
> uncool.  Is there a list moderator that can permanently ban anything
> From this address from the list?

I asked them what this is about several days ago.

They told me that some ... had registered one ore more email addresses at 
several mailing lists and now they got all these emails. Sounds like an 
address with changed forwarding target after registration. Impossible to 
protect against that for a list owner I guess.

This ticket system does NOT send its replies via this list (it couldn't) but 
sends it directly to you. So taking "their" email address off this list is 
probably all our list admin could do.

These guys seem not no be of the very clever kind as they see from which 
mailserver they get the unwanted emails so that IMHO they could have solved 
that with that MTA's admin or could have blocked that MTA.

It would help to know when this has started – in case that the registration 
timestamp is stored. If not then it may be possible to send a few test mails, 
to half of the left possible addresses in order to find out which address 
causes these replies.


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