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Jerry wrote (in part):

> Which reminds me; there is a request at the end of every post I make.
> Would it be to much of an imposition for you to honor that request?
> Disclaimer: off-list followups get on-list replies or get ignored.
> Please do not ignore the Reply-To header.

I looked at the headers, and there is no Reply-To header in the e-mail I 
received from the list. An entire page of headers, but not that one.

Even if Reply-To was a header, it would be too much to honor it unless 
my e-mailer honored it automatically (perhaps it does). Because some 
lists to which I subscribe automatically reply to the lists, and some 
automatically reply to the original sender, and I cannot remember which 
is which. I know asking any particular list to change is not worth the 
trouble; each list has its own policy and unwilling to change. I try to 
remember which is which. It is sometimes suggested to hit Reply-All, but 
this results in the original poster's getting two replies. I 
particularly hate this method as I then reply to which ever one I get 
first, usually direct to the author, thinking he wants a private reply 
since he sent it to me privately. Then a little later I get one from the 
list, and it is usually too much trouble to send another reply to the 
list. I wish all lists were set up so a reply to a message from the list 
went back to the list, but there is no point asking that from a list 
that does things another way.

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