Offline Primary Key

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Tue Mar 2 22:18:02 CET 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010, Faramir wrote:
> Werner Koch escribió:
> ...
> > Another important point is that if you want to use an offline key
> > you should create that key offline and export the subkeys to the
> > online box. Doing this on the same box is a bit questionable.  To
> > me an offline key is one created on box which has never been and
> > will never be connected to the net.
>   Well, but there may be some advantages in removing the primary key
> from the computer, maybe you generate it in your home computer (which
> you consider "safe"), and want to carry a copy of the subkeys in your
> laptop (which you are afraid of losing).

If you are afraid of losing your laptop then you should use hard-disk 
encryption. In fact, you should use it even if you are not afraid of 
losing your laptop.

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