Unable to decrypt/verify from own machine

Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 00:41:47 CET 2010

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20 Ton Squirrel escribió:
> The Problem
> When trying to decrypt or verify the encrypted file, I get the following
> error:
> No secret key available Keyring does not have the secret key
> (0xA352B4E9003B38FA) needed to decrypt this message.

  I am not familiar with command line, since I use a GUI (GPGShell,
works very well on Windows XP), but I think the problem is you are
encrypting the file only to the client's key, and you should encrypt it
to both your key and your client's key. You are asking GPG to sign with
your key and encrypt only to your client's key. I don't know how to ask
GPG to encrypt to both keys.

> My key's ID is 1F1EA8F8 and the client's ID is 5872AF6A.  I have no idea why
> it would be asking for A352B4E9003B38FA.

  A key fingerprint has 40 characters:
In my case, 388C1FBDBE9835D7BD02253B82121A454319410E. The last 16
characters at the right (in my example, 82121A454319410E) is the "long
Key ID". And the last 8 characters at the right (in my example,
4319410E), so that should clarify the mystery of the variable length of
IDs. But also, my key (as most key do) has a subkey, bound to it, which
is the key used for encryption (in my case,
3E497861B97C3E51244A61023EB64AF12E6CD89E, or 3EB64AF12E6CD89E, or 2E6CD89E).
 Maybe GPG is reporting it needs the encrypting subkey, instead of
asking the primary key of your client.

> This is likely a beginner's mistake, but I'm at a loss!

  Well, I have been using GPG for about 2 years now, and I still don't
know how to use command line... I tried to test the command you used,
and it failed, I don't know why XD

  Best Regards
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