gpg encryption failed no public key

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I am new to gpg command line utility for file encryption/decryption. I have
installed gpg4win v 2.0.2 & trying to encrypt a file with a key that I
imported which is also listing while typing list-keys command


The issue is that I am getting encryption failed no public key while typing
in the below command

>gpg -recipient testUserID -encrypt abc.txt


In one of the posts I found that this is due to not specifying keyring
location with using -keyring option


But while I used below command with specifying keyring as below


>gpg -recipient testIUserID -keyring C:/Documents &
Settings/username/Application Data/gnupg/pubring.gpg -encrypt abc.txt


I am getting below error


gpg: keyblock resource 'C:/Documents & Settings/username/Application
Data/gnupg/C:/Documents' no such file or directory

usage: gpg [options] [filename]


Please help 





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