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john espiro john_espiro at
Fri Mar 12 21:42:30 CET 2010

Hi David -

Thanks for the quick reply.

I should note that I am on a Windows XP box.

When I run gpg --export-secret-key my at | paperkey  --output-type raw for both the 2048 and 4096, I note that the output for the 4096 key is about 10% logner than that of the 2048 key.

I am not familiar with wc.exe, but will google it...


From: David Shaw <dshaw at>

Paperkey doesn't care what size the key is.  Try doing that same command line, but use "wc -c" instead of the dmtxwrite part to check that the output is larger than with a 2048 bit key.  Perhaps dmtxwrite is having a problem?


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