Using the OTR plugin with Pidgin for verifying GPG public key fingerprints

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On Friday 12 March 2010 at 12:46:28 PM, you wrote:

> If you really think about it, when you look at people who've gotten
> convicted and/or framed based on plain text unsigned email, then it
> goes to show that there's no point in inventing a technology that
> specifically provides PD from a cryptographic perspective, because
> unsigned email is already plausibly deniable. Yet juries & courts
> regularly convict people despite their best efforts to claim
> innocence, Who's to say what a regular Joe jury would think of about
> such things.

I would question whether the defence solicitor was fit to practice if 
he didn't produce expert witnesses who could explain this sufficiently 
clearly for the jury to understand. 

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