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Sat Mar 13 11:22:17 CET 2010

Hi there -

Thanks to your help, and David's, I have tried a few other things.  Using yoru script I found that indeed it was dtmx that was failing due to the file being larger than 1555 bytes.

I deleted all of the commented lines such as this, and then ran dtmxwrite:

# Secret portions of key C8093ECE9373F385DB82D721245C4CBC467F1AE1
# Base16 data extracted Sat Mar 13 10:47:10 2010
# Created with paperkey 1.2 by David Shaw
# File format:
# a) 1 octet:  Version of the paperkey format (currently 0).
# b) 1 octet:  OpenPGP key or subkey version (currently 4)
# c) n octets: Key fingerprint (20 octets for a version 4 key or subkey)
# d) 2 octets: 16-bit big endian length of the following secret data
# e) n octets: Secret data: a partial OpenPGP secret key or subkey packet as
#              specified in RFC 4880, starting with the string-to-key usage
#              octet and continuing until the end of the packet.
# Repeat fields b through e as needed to cover all subkeys.

That worked and it successfully generated the bar code.

I found that adding in some of the commented lines still allowed the bar code to be generated, albeit a different bar code.  

What is the advantage of encoding the commented lines into the bar code?  I'll go investigate if paperkey will allow an output without the commented sections.


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