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Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> But all that aside, I'm pretty sure news reports, etc. of human
>> traffickers, smugglers, spies, etc. all confirm the fact that
>> national IDs such as passports can be forged and do in fact slip by
>> immigration authorities pretty commonly.
> Only because the news doesn't report on people who get arrested based
> on false identity documents.  By the very nature of journalism, it
> pays more attention to the extreme and the unusual than it does the
> mundane and humdrum.  If a madman shoots 14 people in a shopping mall
> in Oconomowoc, that's news: if 1,400 people die of cancer nationwide
> that day, it doesn't even get a mention.  Following the news would
> lead you to thinking you needed to buy body armor, not that you could
> stand to lose a few pounds and you should stop smoking.

A larger example is that if some madmen flew aircraft into the World 
Trade Center killing 3000 or so people, that gets a lot of news and a 
Department of Homeland Security set up, but if we kill 10 times that 
every year in automobile accidents, do we get highways redesigned, 
automobiles redesigned, driving tests improved, etc.?
> Be careful about forming your opinions of normalcy from watching news
> reports.

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