AUTO: Richard Hamilton is out of the office (returning 03/22/2010)

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Sun Mar 21 00:15:24 CET 2010

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Jerry escribió:
> Scenario 1:
> He is the boss, therefore no harm is done.
> Scenario 2:
> He is not the boss; however, he is permitted to use company time on
> private projects. Again, no harm is done.
> Scenario 3:
> He is not the boss, nor is he allowed to waste company time on private
> projects. In this scenario, the company gains by outing an employee who
> is wasting company resources and time on private projects.

 Scenario 4:

 He is not the boss, but the IT person supposed to handle some
security/privacy stuff. Part of his job would be to keep an eye on
security/privacy tools like GnuPG, so he must read the list. But maybe
the boss won't see it that way, unless provided a long explanation. And
even after that, maybe the boss will say "ok, you can read that list...
but if I ever catch you watching porn, you are fired!" (boss ran out of
arguments, but is still suspecting the employee is wasting company time).

  Anyway, I think the message said "This is the only notification you
will receive while this person is away.", so we won't receive an
auto-reply for each message we send... IMHO, it doesn't even require the
moderator to take measures.

  Best Regards
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