gnupg 1.4.7 vs. pgp 6.5.3

vedaal at vedaal at
Wed Mar 24 19:24:26 CET 2010

"Laurent Jumet" <laurent.jumet () skynet ! be> wrote on 2010-03-24 

>PGP6 is able to use IDEA for encrypting and GPG doesn't decrypt it 
by > default; \ try load-extension IDEA.DLL in GPG.

The problem was on the PGP end. The company using PGP6.x couldn't 
decrypt, and the error message, "bad session keys" indicates that 
the it didn't recognize the algorithm used, (probably AES or 
another one that came after PGP 6.x. )

David's advice of using the option of --PGP6 on the GnuPG side will 
make everything work again on the PGP end. 


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