Possible to sign &/or encrypt without importing to keyring

dcbarry david at dcbarry.com
Thu Mar 25 22:09:40 CET 2010

I'm fairly certain the answer is "NO", or at least "impractical".   I've
researched the man pages and FAQ, and tried searching on what I thought were
relevant terms. For reference, I am utilizing  GnuPG  2.0.12.

Is it possible to encrypt a file to a public key (and/or sign with a private
key) without first  importing into the pub key into a keyring using a stand
alone file containing the key(s).  For clarity, I would like to be able to
do something like:

gpg --localuser [somepath]\myprivatekey.asc -recipient 
[somepath]\joes_pub_key.asc --sign --encrypt thisoldfile.txt

(being prompted for the pass-phrase assuming the pvt key was some

This would be particularly useful for use in cases where the recipient is
very likely to be a one-shot deal.  I do recognize there are some serious
tradeoffs for this, for the purposes here, I would consider them acceptable.

Again, I've gone thru the man, and the section "HOW TO SPECIFY A USERID"
doesn't leave me much hope that I missed something elsewhere.  
Additionally, I don't recall which option I read it under,but there was an
indirect statement to the effect that GPG will NOT run without either a
default or manually specified keyring(s).

As I said, I'm pretty sure my answer is no, but I'm hoping I've missed
something obvious that in fact, makes it possible.

As always, my gratitude to those who respond, and those who contribute to
the community.


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