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Fabrizio Furnari fab.furnari at
Wed Mar 31 16:08:06 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I'm a little bit in trouble because I'd like to sync all my data (secring,
pubring, and so on) between my home pc and my work laptop.
I tried to make a symbolic link for pubring.gpg (secring.gpg isn't a big
issue, is not modified so often) to a DropBox folder, or an USB key but
seems that seahorse mess up everything creating a pubring.gpg~ file and a
new keyring.
So I'm looking for another front-end that allows me to use two pc, and that
can "support" seahorse, firegpg and so on.
If you have any suggestions, are all welcomed, otherwise I'll start to
create a little program (I always want to learn gtk) to do this.



@P=split//,".URRUU\c8R";@d=split//,"\niranruF oizirbaF";sub p{
close$_}%p;wait until$?;map{/^r/&&<$_>}%p;$_=$d[$q];sleep
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