Compile PTH on AIX

beppecosta beppecosta at
Tue May 4 14:50:57 CEST 2010

I'm trying to compile pth-2.0.7 on AIX (as prerequisite for GnuPG 2.0.15).

Configure runs fine while make exits with this error:

./shtool scpp -o pth_p.h -t -Dcpp -Cintern -M '==#=='
pth_compat.c pth_debug.c pth_syscall.c pth_errno.c pth_ring.c pth_m
ctx.c pth_uctx.c pth_clean.c pth_time.c pth_tcb.c pth_util.c pth_pqueue.c
pth_event.c pth_sched.c pth_data.c pth_msg.c pth_cancel.c
pth_sync.c pth_attr.c pth_lib.c pth_fork.c pth_high.c pth_ext.c pth_string.c
./libtool --mode=compile --quiet gcc -c -I. -O2 -pipe pth_debug.c
In file included from, from pth_debug.c:29:

pth.h:93:2: error: #error "FD_SETSIZE is larger than what GNU Pth can

I ran a simple utility check that says: FD_SETSIZE=65534 

Is there any solution to carry on with build ?


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