Compile PTH on AIX

beppecosta beppecosta at
Tue May 11 14:15:20 CEST 2010

Hi Newton

I've successfully built and installed PTH 2.0.7 
and the pth-config says: pth_version="2.0.7 (08-Jun-2006)"

Now I've tried to compile gnupg-2.0.15 but configure fails with error:

configure: checking for programs 
checking for pth-config... /QOpenSys/usr/local/bin/pth-config    
checking for PTH - version >= 1.3.7... yes                       
checking whether PTH installation is sane... no                  
configure: checking system features for estream                
*** It is now required to build with support for the           
*** GNU Portable Threads Library (Pth). Please install this    
*** library first.  The library is for example available at    
configure: error:                                                      
*** Required libraries not found. Please consult the above messages    
*** and install them before running configure again.                   


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