Can't suppress "good signature" status message

Skip Montanaro skip at
Wed Nov 10 15:16:41 CET 2010

> > Reading through old posts I saw various recommendations to
> > use status-fd, status-file or to redirect stderr to stdout
> > and use grep -v to eliminate those lines.  The status-fd
> > and status-file flags don't work as far as I can tell....
> No ideas on how to suppress the "good signature" output in
> 1.4.11?

I finally broke down and searched around in the source.  Not only
is there a --status-fd flag, there is a --logger-fd flag.  I
don't know what the difference between emitting a status message
and writing a log message is, but setting both values to 4 now
puts all the GnuPG chattiness in my log file where I want it.


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