problem with german umlauts

Reinhard Irmer reinhard.irmer at
Sat Nov 13 14:35:11 CET 2010

Hi Ben,

> you.wrote on Fr, 12.Nov.2010 (20:10:57):
>> On 13/11/10 5:16 AM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:

>>> Thnx
>>> Charset iso-8859-1 in gpg.conf for  v1.4.11 SOLVED the prob :-))

>> Excellent.  :)

>> Bear in mind that UTF-8 may become the standard in the future,

> Yes, I know. I see it in my installation of GnuPG 2.0.16 where no probs with
> german umlauts are existing (as you see in jpg-link I sent in op.

>> but as
>> long as your gpg.conf matches the character set for your email client
>> and/or editor it should be fine (I explicitly set
>> UTF-8 for GPG, Thunderbird and Emacs).

> I have 2 gpg.confs, one 4 v1.4.11 and another 4 v2.0.16. In second no charset
> is defined in it. Standard-utf-8 works fine in my client 40tude-dialog, but not
> in Thunderbird where umlauts are shown as questionmarks. Now I will test
> ist out setting charset iso-8859-1 in gpg.conf for version2.

Here are the results:
Using GnuPG v.1.4.11 with 40tude-dialog as client charset must be iso-8859-1
or -15 to shows correct umlauts
Using GnuPG v.1.4.11 with Thunderbird as client charset must be utf-8 to
show correct umlauts

Using GnuPG v.2.0.16 using all possible charsets, 40tude shows correct
umlauts, but Thunderbird always shows questionmarks instead of german

Viele Grüße
Reinhard Irmer
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