problem with german umlauts

Ben McGinnes ben at
Sun Nov 14 02:13:47 CET 2010

On 14/11/10 12:35 AM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:
>> you.wrote on Fr, 12.Nov.2010 (20:10:57):
>>> On 13/11/10 5:16 AM, Reinhard Irmer wrote:
>> Yes, I know. I see it in my installation of GnuPG 2.0.16 where no
>> probs with german umlauts are existing (as you see in jpg-link I
>> sent in op.

Yes, I saw that before and have seen similar behaviour with character
set conflicts on other systems.

>> I have 2 gpg.confs, one 4 v1.4.11 and another 4 v2.0.16. In second
>> no charset is defined in it. Standard-utf-8 works fine in my client
>> 40tude-dialog, but not in Thunderbird where umlauts are shown as
>> questionmarks.

You'll find that they either appear as question marks or an empty box,
depending on the display format (command line or GUI) where the
character cannot be represented.  In a GUI where it is a unicode
character that cannot be represented the square box will contain the
four character hex code for the unicode character (e.g. 00fc instead
of ü).

>> Now I will test ist out setting charset iso-8859-1 in gpg.conf for
>> version2.
> Here are the results:
> Using GnuPG v.1.4.11 with 40tude-dialog as client charset must be iso-8859-1
> or -15 to shows correct umlauts

Okay, I'm not familiar with 40tude, but I have a theory.

> Using GnuPG v.1.4.11 with Thunderbird as client charset must be utf-8 to
> show correct umlauts

This makes some sense, Thunderbird needs to be told which character
set to use (most will default to iso-8859-1, but it depends on the
version installed).

> Using GnuPG v.2.0.16 using all possible charsets, 40tude shows
> correct umlauts, but Thunderbird always shows questionmarks instead
> of german umlauts

You should be able to change the Thunderbird setting to UTF-8 and make
it behave in View -> Character Encoding.


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