Do I need to put my keys on a server???

Paul Richard Ramer free10pro at
Sun Nov 14 04:00:19 CET 2010

On 11/10/2010 07:23 AM, Visual GPG WoT Project wrote:
> I've created two key pairs for two different email accounts (lets say
> email1@ and email2@)
> and signed each one with each other and set the owner trust to
> "ultimate"...
> When I send an encripted email from email1@ to email2@
> my Enigmail client says:
> Decrypted message; Unverified signature
> What I am doing wrong?
> Do I need to put my keys on a server???

Putting your keys on a keyserver won't fix this situation.  On the
machine that you decrypted the message, did you have the public key for


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