Organizing groups of Keys

Aaron Berthold listen at
Wed Nov 24 12:35:06 CET 2010

In the last few months, I've become comfortable enough with GnuPG (using
TB+Enigmail) for personal, small scale use but there are a couple of use
cases I've yet to find good solutions to. I figured the people here on
the List would know. ^_^

The basic issue is organizing the keys in my pubkey list, really. By
default, all my key are there in one long list. I can search for them
and I can order them by various criteria, but I wonder if there was a
way to bunch keys together in groups, so that, for example, the keys of
all my work buddies is in one group, all students keys in a second and
so on.

Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, is there a way to work with multiple-but-distinct
keyrings without manually renaming the files and restarting the software
when you want to switch? So I could have a keyring for work, one for
study, etc.

Assuming these are not possible, what are the alternative ways to easily
manipulate large numbers of keys? I plan to organize a small (and
hopefully later a larger) keysigning event for university, so I expect
to get a whole bunch of keys that need to be imported into my keyring,
exported into a keyring that people can download and import, turned into
a list of participants with key data included so that people can compare
and check them off at the event, and so on.

Stuff like importing and exporting the keys can be adequately done in
Enigmails GUI, but I'm sure there are easier and faster ways to do this
in the command line. Also, some of that, like making the list of
participating keys for people seems to call for a lot of manual
copy-pasting, which I hope to evade.

Thanks in advance,


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