how slow are 4Kbit RSA keys? [was: Re: multiple keys vs multiple identities]

Jameson Rollins jrollins at
Mon Sep 27 21:51:10 CEST 2010

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010 21:25:21 +0200, Ludwig Hügelschäfer <mlisten at> wrote:
> Ack. 1.5 seconds is about the limit where a good GUI should issue a
> reaction. This is where the human mind is starting to think there's
> something wrong.

We should be careful not to overstate the impatience of users too much.
I've seen plenty of people wait many seconds for google maps to load on
phones without giving up on the whole process.  I also have an extremely
slow machine were I routinely have to wait a long time (many seconds)
for certain operations to complete.  It's certainly not ideal, but I
don't give up on those operations just because they take a little
longer.  I get used to it and figure out ways to deal.

I'm not saying we shouldn't care about operations taking a noticeable
amount of time, but I wouldn't state out-right that users will revolt
and refuse to do something just because it takes more than a second.

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