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Bronson K Shadlock wrote:
> Hi there,
> We are using GnuGP 1.1.3 on a few PCs, all able to decrypt using 1 public

Do you mean GPG4Win 1.1.3?

GnuPG 1.1.3 (if it existed) would date back to circa 2000.

> key.  I can use it on my PC, but a new user on a new PC is getting constant
> errors.  I've installed the SW, imported the correct and only key, but
> still get the error.  If I log in to the new PC, I get the same error.
> I've uninstalled the SW, removed all associated folders and files,
> installed the SW again, and still the same error.  Any suggestions?

You _DE_crypt with a secret key. You encrypt to a public key.

Without the specific error message, we're reduced to mind-reading and guessing.
However, I'll take a guess and say you need to import the secret key as well as
the public.

As there is only one key involved, the quick and dirty (BUT non-canonical and
guaranteed to change in a future version) way is to copy the files from a
working profile to the new user.

The keyring files, pubring.gpg, secring.gpg, trustdb.gpg, are stored by
default in %APPDATA%\GnuPG. This usually translates as

 - Window XP and earlier (XP/2000/NT) -
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\GnuPG

 - Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Any custom settings for GnuPG are stored in gpg.conf. It and any other
GnuPG config files are /normally/ located in the same directory as the
keyring files.

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