Question regarding the migration of the pgp keyring to gpg

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Pramod.R wrote:
> Hi,
> We are migrating from pgp 6.5.8 to gpg 1.4.11. I  had a question
> regarding the migration of the public keys and the private keys:
> Is there a way where I could migrate the entire key ring at one go? I’m
> currently extracting my keys from pgp using the pgp –dx <key-id> command
> and then importing each of these into the gpg. Is there one single
> command which would help me migrate the entire key ring at once?

(*This will change in future versions,  i.e., GnuPG 2.1 *)

Import the keyring files in their entirety:

    gpg --import /path/to/secring.pgp

    gpg --import-options import-local-sigs --import /path/to/pubring.pgp

You may omit '--import-options import-local-sigs' if local signatures haven't
been used when signing keys.

Because PGP and GnuPG store trust differently, you will need to use
'gpg --edit-key <keyID> trust' to set your key pairs (you have both pub & sec
parts) to what GnuPG calls Ultimate trust (PGP calls this Implicit trust).

Run 'gpg --check-trustdb' after setting the trust values.

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