public key not found, but it is there!

Paul Richard Ramer free10pro at
Sat Apr 16 10:19:44 CEST 2011

On 4/14/11 5:02 PM, Felipe Alvarez wrote:
> now, whenever I try to encrypt to user "alice" It fails, saying
>     encryption failed: public key not found
> The public key is there! But it has a different fingerprint
> (17D11744). GPG is looking for Alice's Old hash fingerprint
> (DE0155B3). How can I remedy this?
> ----
> felipe at felipes /cygdrive/C/Program Files/GNU/GnuPG
> $
> felipe at felipes /cygdrive/C/Program Files/GNU/GnuPG
> $ ./gpg --list-keys
> C:/Documents and Settings/felipe/Application Data/gnupg\pubring.gpg
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> pub   2048R/1A80C23E 2011-04-07
> uid                  Bob Fresh <bob.fresh at>
> sub   2048R/402C0B65 2011-04-07
> pub   1024D/17D11744 2011-04-14
> uid                  alice fresh <alice.fresh at>
> sub   2048g/C2509E95 2011-04-14
> felipe at felipes /cygdrive/C/Program Files/GNU/GnuPG
> $ ./gpg -r alice -e random1
> gpg: DE0155B3: skipped: public key not found
> gpg: random1: encryption failed: public key not found

I would suggest looking in your gpg.conf file to see if there is an
entry that contains "alice".  It may be that there is an entry that is
like following:

group alice=DE0155B3

If that is the case, then specifying "alice" as a recipient would
encrypt to whatever keys are listed in the group "alice".  Try "gpg
--list-keys alice" to see what response you get.  Also, try the
following command to encrypt to Alice: gpg -r 17D11744 -e some_file.


PGP Key ID: 3DB6D884
PGP Fingerprint: EBA7 88B3 6D98 2D4A E045  A9F7 C7C6 6ADF 3DB6 D884

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