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On Tue, 19 Apr 2011 16:00:30 -0300
Faramir < at> articulated:

> El 18-04-2011 8:38, Jerry escribió:
> > On Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:28:23 -0300
> > Faramir < at> articulated:
> > 
> >>   My favorite is GPGShell, but it is not Opensource, and it has
> >> some problems with Windows 7 (tools for the context menu are not
> >> shown). I wish there was something with the same capabilities and
> >> multiplataform.
> > 
> > Did you try the latest version: GPGshell v3.77, available from:
> ...
>   That's the version I'm using ;)
>   I still use XP, so the problem with contextual menu doesn't affect
> me, but I can confirm it exists (I asked a friend to install it in
> his laptop).
> > The fact that it is not open-source would be inconsequential to me.
>   Same here, but some people don't like "closed source" apps... but
> since GPGshell is for windows, they already have a very big "closed
> source" piece of software installed.
> > There is a link on the URL listed above to contact the author. If
> > there is a problem with Windows 7 and the latest version, perhaps
> > you might want to contact the author and inform him of that. He may
> > not be aware of it.
>    Well, in the compatibility list, he said he won't update it
> anymore, and he won't provide compatibility for versions of windows
> newer than XP. I guess he is not using (or doesn't have access to)
> windows vista or 7. And I understand that, I won't be moving from XP
> until I'm forced to do it, and it will require me to renew my
> computer too, so... Anyway, I just sent him a report, right now.

I just sent him a note also informing him that I would be interested in
beta testing on a Windows 7 machine if he so desired.

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