20 Dec 2011: Status of John W. Moore III

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Tue Dec 20 07:07:22 CET 2011

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Dear Friends of John W. Moore III

You may recall that John's mother unexpectedly died on 6 Jul 2010 and
that along with the unexpected complexities of probating her estate and
some other things resulted in his having to reluctantly terminate his
extensive involvement in crypto and other Internet-related activities.

The required surgery on John's right foot went well although they
determined they had to remove his little toe and the portion of his
foot from there to the back of his heel. As a result John tells me he
can now only count up to 9 versus 10. <GRIN>

	As a result of that surgery and some additional
	continuing health 	problems, John still has some
	major mobility problems and is still currently
	using a wheelchair to get around.  However he's
	looking forward to being able to do some very
	limited walking sometime after the first of the

John has a strong interest in once again becoming active in both his
crypto and other Internet interests but currently isn't sure how soon
he will be able to begin doing so in 2012.

	*Currently he has no Internet capability so please*
	*don't try to email or otherwise try to contact him by*
	*any other Internet mode*.


In the meantime John (UTC -0500) would be very interested in hearing
from you and asks you do so via either his:

	Home address:	10660 Rogers Circle
					Duluth GA, 30097-1926, USA

	Home phone:	770-476-3551

	Cell phone:		678-469-7535


Finally, John asked that I convey to each of you his very best wishes
that you and those you love have a wonderful Dec holiday season and a
healthy and prosperous New Year.


I join John in extending the same thoughts and wishes to you and yours.



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