Problems to migrate keys between two windows pcs

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Mon Feb 7 08:59:49 CET 2011

Hello together!
First of all, English doesn't my native language so I hope you'll forgive me if I'm wrote a mistake.
Also I hope that all of you will understand what I mean.
I have the following problem or mysterium:
We have a virtualle machine with Windows XP running. There is also the bundle "GnuPG for Windows version 1.0.3" running.
We use this VM to transfer encrypted files to other companys and also the way back, decrypt files which we recieve from other companies.
But you know ... when you work several years with one VM you have many old programs on it, which you don't need anymore.
So some weeks ago I started to create a new, clean VM and try to transfer only these programs which we actualy need.
So far, so good ... everythings works fine with one exception.
I export every key from the old GnuPG for Windows installation (secure and public) and import these into the new one (Gpg4win version 2.0.4) running on the new VM.
I'm able to encrypt files with my imported old secure key and the other side can decrypt these files. Everything is the same like when I do these steps on the old VM.
But if I try to decrypt a file from another party with the new Installation I get the error message that "These file doesn't a correct encrypted file".
(These message must not exactly in this form. I use the german language, so I get these error message in german. But I hope I translate it correctly.)
I try to give a résumé:
I exported my whole keyring (all public and private keys) from the old version and imported it into my new version apperently succesfull.
I'm able to encrypt a file with the public key of one of our partners and they are able to decrypt them.
But if I'm try to decrypt a encrypted file from our partner, I get the error message above.
Same behavior when I enxrypt a file and try to decrypt this one directly.
Is there any mistake I oversee?
Thanks for the help
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