Symmetric cipher question

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Tue Feb 8 13:49:49 CET 2011

I need clear encryption output not only for AES, but also for DES, RC5 and BLOWFISH so I taught that GnuPG is universal tool but in that case it looks I have to find separable encryptors for all of these methods.

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"Sven Radde" <sven at> napisał(a): 
 > Hi,
 > Am 20:59, schrieb m999 at
 > > How can I separate my encrypted 4-byte word from the rest of file. I 
 > > need only encrypted part of my word, I don't want to implement AES on 
 > > my own.
 > GnuPG is most probably not the optimal tool for what you are trying to 
 > do. (I might be too unimaginative, though ;-)
 > Apart from the encrypted data, the output also includes a random AES 
 > key, encrypted by your password and possibly other information such as 
 > salt, initialization vector and the like -- all of which you will need 
 > in order to do something meaningful with the encrypted data (i.e., 
 > decrypt it again). Also, GnuPG does not implement "plain" AES but uses 
 > its crypto algorithms in a slightly non-standard way (for historical 
 > reasons, I am told), so you would most probably need GnuPG again to work 
 > on the ciphertext, anyway.
 > I am almost sure that there is a conveniently usable AES library for 
 > whatever programming language you are working in and I suggest looking 
 > into that, if you want to have "just AES".
 > cu, Sven

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