how to store the public keys in a db?

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Wed Feb 9 16:41:27 CET 2011

Hey Guys,

at first i´m descripe my situation:

At the moment i use a postfix(sles 11 sp1) as the mta for my email infrastructure. My goal is to encrypt all outgoing emails with gnupg. The encryption on the server side still works with a content_filter and a shellscript which pipe the incoming email through the gpg command and deliver it encrypt to the intended recipient. gpg uses the /home/filter/.gnupg directory to store the keys. My problem is that the requirements says that ive to store the keys in a database like postges or mysql. At the end i wanna check: "if the recipient is in the database; do encrypt the mail with gpg and the intended key and send it; else send an error message back to the sender." 

Ive already heard about the sks keyserver, but i do not know how it works on sles 11 sp1? 

Perhaps u can help.
Thx for ur answer.


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