Help with OpenPGP plugin in Mozilla Thunderbird and Claws Mail

AgoristTeen1994 pyromaniacwolf1994 at
Sun Feb 13 09:03:12 CET 2011

Hey, this is going to seem like stupid questions, but, I just found out about
PGP, OpenPGP, and GnuPG yesterday, and I didn't create a key pair until
about 2 hours ago, so I'm pretty unaware of how some thing work...First is,
that using either Mozilla Thunderbird, with the OpenPGP plugin, or Claws
Mail, to generate a key pair, it only lists, one key, my "key id" Is that my
public key or my secret key? Or is it supposed to be both? If it's only one
of them, how do I find the other? Also. I was wondering, in my reading on
the internet about this sort of thing, it mentioned signing a message, say
an e-mail, with my secret key, so the recipient knows it's from me...but I"m
confused, since doesn't that mean, that any one I send a message to, that I
"sign" will have my secret key and thus will be able to decrypt any messages
they intercept? Thank you for any help, and have a nice day.
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