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Dear (OS X) GnuPG users,

On 07.01.2011, at 14:18, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Fri,  7 Jan 2011 13:03, alex at said:
>> I would like to suggest to add GPGTools[1] to the list of GnuPG Frontends for the Mac platform at [2].
> Please explain the project at gnupg-users at; I can't see from the web page what this is about.

since Werner suggested to post a short explanation to this list and users asked why the GPGTools are not linked at

As you might know different (GUI based) software packages are needed to use OpenPGP on OS X. Some of them are no longer developed, were updated years ago or fixed versions could be found in user forums and similar sources. In conjunction with their authors, we, the GPGTools Project Team, started to update some applications and established an infrastructure for all GnuPG related OS X software. Including but not limited to:

 * MacGPG2 - author: Benjamin Donnachie.
 * GPGMail - former author: Stéphane Corthésy.
 * GPG Keychain Access - new author: Roman Zechmeister.

At we provide an all-in-one (un-)installer and a web page for each project that links to:

 * Signed binaries including installer, uninstaller, and beta versions / release candidates.
 * The git source repository, license files, and wiki pages.
 * An unified issue/ticket system.
 * A single mailing list and twitter account.
 * The change log, including an app cast news feed and partly Sparkle integration.

Some questions you might have could already be answered in our FAQ at Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Best regards, Alex
on behalf of the GPGTools Project Team

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