GnuPG Card with ssh authentication problems

Brady Young brady at
Sun Feb 27 05:51:33 CET 2011

Thought I would update and say I finally got this working correctly.

Apparently with the Omnikey Cardman 3121, the vendor drivers *must* be
used. Once those were installed, and daemons restarted, ssh-add -l had
no problem grabbing the key off the card.

Regardless, I hope my documentation is helpful to someone in the future
who may struggle to get this feature.

Brady Young
<brady at>

Brady Young <brady at> writes:

> So I've been trying to get my GnuPG card to work with ssh
> authentication, but I can't seem to get it to work. As there are quite a
> few success stories out there, I'm probably missing something, or doing 
> something stupid, so I'd appreciate any pointers.

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