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On 02/27/2011 02:37 PM, Martin Gollowitzer wrote:
> * Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> [110227 20:28]:
>>> How about "inline confuses users who don't know anything about OpenPGP"?
>> 1.  Why are you sending them signed emails anyway?
> I sign *all* my e-mail except for messages sent from my mobile (in that
> case, my signature tells the receiver why the message is not signed and
> offers the receiver to request a signed proof of authenticity later) or
> messages to people who can't receive signed messages (I had a case where
> e-mails arrived empty because of the MS Exchange/Antivirus/whatever
> combination at the receivers working place).
>> 2.  And seeing strange MIME attachments doesn't confuse people?
> Less than strange text fragments at the head and the bottom of a message
> (Some people even think they are being spammed when they see inline PGP
> data), because an attachment without useful data will rather be ignored.
> Martin

Hey guys,

Both camps can argue all day and they're not going to change anyone's

Both standards are valid, one doesn't supersede the other, and if you're
interested in OpenPGP, you're probably want to run a mail client that
can handle both Inline and PGP/Mime messages.  If your contacts aren't
interested, they should at least be able to read your emails.

Which takes us back to the start of this conversation.  Apparently
Robert's mail client on Android doesn't like PGP/MIME messages, and
won't display the body of a PGP/MIME message.  Several other people have
said that the default mail client shows the message body just fine, and
that alternate mail clients like K-9 do the same.

Can we narrow down exactly when PGP/MIME is broken on droid phones?
Maybe start a new thread where people report their results since this
one is getting pretty big and has many side arguments?  Subject "Android
PGP/Mime Test"  List whether or not your phone displays PGP/Mime
messages, the model and manufacturer, droid version, email client and

I do have a droid, but I don't use email on it.  I'll fire up a test
account and report back.

I suppose if anyone wants to test on an iPhone, Blackberry, or other
smartphone, that info would be handy as well.

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