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Grant Olson kgo at
Mon Feb 28 06:27:55 CET 2011

On 02/27/2011 11:29 PM, David Shaw wrote:
> Not exactly Android, but FWIW, an iPod touch (which has the same mail program as an iPhone) displays PGP/MIME just fine (as in shows the mail - but doesn't verify the signature).
> David

It's worth a lot.

Since the rational behind this thread is buried in a long convoluted
thread about PGP/MIME vs PGP/Inline, allow me to re-explain.  I imagine
some people got sick of that thread and are ignoring it.

It seems Robert experienced the "Outlook Express" problem on his Droid,
where a PGP/MIME message didn't get displayed properly on his phone, and
instead showed a blank message.

I just wanted to gague how severe the problem was, by getting feedback
from various people's smartphones.

So if you've got a smartphone, and you check your email on it, please do
reply to this thread, letting me know:

- The service provider

- The make and model of the phone.

- The droid version.

- The email application(s) installed.

- If said application(s) displayed the text of a PGP/MIME message so
that you could read the message.

- If said application(s) could verify a message.  (The answer here is
probably no, but it seems like at least one person said K-9 mail could
verify PGP/MIME.)

- Any other pertinent information.

That'll help everyone gauge the severity of the problem and adjust their
preferences accordingly.



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