Android PGP/MIME test results

Michael A. Yetto myetto1 at
Sun Feb 27 22:33:09 CET 2011

On Sunday February 27 2011 15:26:43 Grant Olson wrote:
> Provider: Boost
> Manufacturer: Motorola
> Model: I1
> Droid version: 1.5
> This phone has two mail applications by default, one called 'email'
> and another called 'gmail'.  Both displayed PGP/MIME messages
> without any trouble.  Neither verified sigs of course.
> I see no easy way to determine the version number of either of these
> apps.  If anyone has tips on how I can get this info, let me know.

I have a Morotola Droid (no other letters, numbers or names) and if you 
have the same this should work.

Go to Settings / Application / Manage Applications...

You will find a list under the Downloaded or All tabs where you can click 
(poke?) an app and find the version.  Gmail version 2.3.4 here.


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