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Mon Feb 28 20:21:29 CET 2011

I believe that within the next five years someone will discover an academic
attack against Rijndael. I do not believe that anyone will ever discover an
attack that will allow someone to read Rijndael traffic. So while I have
serious academic reservations about Rijndael, I do not have any engineering
reservations about Rijndael.  -- Bruce Schneier, Cryptogram Newsletter,
October, 2000.

>From Schneier/Ferguson's 2003 book, "Practical Cryptography":

We don't quite trust the security...No other block cipher we know of has
such a simple algebraic representation. We have no idea whether this leads
to an attack or not, but not knowing is reason enough to be skeptical about
the use of AES.

However, even though he has reservations about Rijndael, he has said
publicly numerous times that he prefers everyone to use AES instead of the
other finalists, no doubt because it has had undeniably more analysis thrown
its way.

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