Default GPG Encryption Algorithm (symmetric cipher) is?

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Sun Jan 2 18:19:24 CET 2011

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Mike Acker <Mike_Acker at> wrote:

> is: how does S9 equate to AES256 ?  there has to be a way to find the
> equivalence between the verbose codes and the short hand

Hi Mike,

$ gpg --verbose --version

will tell you (after the cipher/algorithm and between ()) what is the
short code to use with setpref. Example for Cipher:

3DES (S2), CAST5 (S3), BLOWFISH (S4), AES (S7), AES192 (S8), AES256 (S9)

I might have misunderstood your question, so feel free to let me know
if you need something else.


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