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Sun Jan 2 19:36:02 CET 2011

>> Hauke Laging thankfully answered:

>> >>[No], you always sign the key together 
>> >> with a UID. gpg --list-sigs shows
>> >> this to you: The root entry is pub, the uids are the next level
>> >>("connected" to pub) and the signatures refer to UIDs.

>> How is this "connection" done?

> By a self-signature. Same for the subkeys.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Could you please explain it again? Let's say Alice signs Bob's user ID together with Bob's public master signing key. 

What does "together" mean in this context? Does it mean, that the public signing key and the user ID are both signed with Alice's private key, but seperately? 

Is a signature on Bob's user ID only accepted, if Bob has the same signature on his public master signing key? 

Is the last procedure really called "self-signing". Alice cannot self-sign Bob's key, as she doesn't have his private key. 

I'd be grafeful for answers,

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