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Hello Neil,

gpg reads gpg.conf by default so you an stick any variables you like - they wil get read


Neil Phillips wrote:
> Hi,
> gpg -version = 2.0.14
> So i'm looking at changing some of the defaults used by gpg.
> cipher, compression that sort of thing.
> i've read that i can use a command line to use a specific options file,
> something like --options file
> but thats a per use, not a set default behaviour.
> it says i can place stuff in a file called gpg.conf that is located in my
> C:\Profiles\xxx\Application Data\gnupg folder.
> well there is no gpg.conf file there :(
> it says --homedir can change the default location of the home directory, the
> place where i should see my gpg.conf file.
> it says that i can find my home directoy in the Registry under the key
> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GnuPG using the name "HomeDir"
> well there is no GnuPG folder there :(
> apparently i could set a user-level environment variable, GNUPGHOME.
> no such variable exists :(
> my questions are:
> 1. can i use a gpg.conf file to set some default behaviours for gpg?
> 2. where should the gpg.conf file be stored.
> 3. do i need a registry entry at all?
> i do have an entry in the path variable which is allowing me to use gpg.
> i have created a key for myself and can use that from anywhere in my file system
> with gpg to generate an encrypted file without any error messages.
> i'm assuming that my key does not contain settings for which cipher to use or
> which compression method or which hash method to use and that those settings are
> picked during the actual encryption of my file?
> Neil
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