clearsign failed: Bad signature

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Jan 9 23:14:50 CET 2011

On Sun,  9 Jan 2011 16:58, olav at said:

> since I'm not the only one that cannot use SHA256/SHA512 with the v2
> card, may I ask you to test signing with an OpenPGP card v2 using hash

I just checked the sources: It seems you are using 2.0.16 from gpg4win.
This version does not support other hash algorithms due to a bug in
gpg2.  I fixed the bug in 2.0.x on 2010-09-28 but this is after the
2.0.16 release and we also don't have have patch in for gpg4win.

The proper solution will be a 2.0.17 release.  I'll check tomorrow
whether this can be done timely - if not I'll post a patch and add that
one to gpg4win.



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