How to create non-standard key pair

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Wed Jan 12 20:10:32 CET 2011

I am needing to do some testing with these size keys.  Can someone advise me on how to modify the code to generate these keys?
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> On 1/11/2011 9:41 AM, jack seth wrote:
> > Hello. I have been searching google for a couple of days now and I 
> > can't figure out how to accomplish this. I need to create a v4 RSA 
> > keypair that has a 16384 encryption key and a 4096 (possibly 8192) 
> > signing key using AES-256 that I can export to a text file. Can you 
> > guys please provide some guidance on how to accomplish this?
> If your requirements are accurate, then RSA is probably not an
> appropriate choice. Use elliptical curve cryptography instead.
> What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
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