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Mon Jan 17 22:07:40 CET 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:44:29PM +0100, Angel Vicente wrote:
> Hello all....

Hello again....

> I'm very newbie at GPG, I'm a Debian user for some years ago, but I have 
> nothing to see with GPG until now, I think I understand the main flow and uses
> of GPG, but I have a doubt:
> suppose a group of friends, they want sign and/or cypher their email and files,
> almost of them are Windows users, all have email accounts in Google, Yahoo, MSN,
> etc, I think I could teach them to use Thunderbir+Enigmail or other..., but:
> there is one that hasn't got PC or laptop or anything so, he uses PCs in 
> cybercafes or public libraries, well, what about some portable apps in USB?,
> answer: perhaps could be a good idea, but what about keyloggers in public 
> computers?, I'm worried about this.
> I've tried with Neo Safekeys, but seems doesn't work with pinentry from GPG4Win,
> so what can we do?, is there a solution for use GPG in public PCs and for
> possible keylogger at the same time?

I've tried again with Neo Safekeys, and it works: using copy&paste doesn't work
with pinentry, but drag&drop works fine, so I think I have all necessary pieces
I've made a few tests and works O.K., now I'd like to crypt the file system on
a USB stick.

> Best regards and thanks in advanced
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