Gpg for iPhone or iPad

Charly Avital shavital at
Sun Jan 23 17:48:22 CET 2011

Benjamin Donnachie wrote the following on 1/23/11 7:08 AM:
> There's oPenPG Lite available from the App Store but it doesn't work
> with my private key! YMMV of course!
> Ben

oPenGP Lite (couldn't find any version without the 'Lite').
This version works one way, it decrypts only, doesn't encrypt.
This is a PGP Corporation (owned by Symantec now) App, hence the upper
case PGP in oPenGP.

I don't know whether there is, or will be, a Mobile GnuPG what will work
under iPhone or iPad iOS.

I generated on my Mac a new key pair (default RSA/RSA 2048). I didn't
want to use my "regular" key.

Exported the secret key to the Mac's Desktop.

Connected the iPhone via iTunes (hardwired USB)

Imported the secret key to the iPhone via iTunes and an App called
'Files' <>.

In 'Files' I could see the key block, select all/copy.

Back to oPenGP, Import clipboard, ascertained that the key is now in the

Back to 'Files', set an access locked code. Checked that it works.
Deleted the secret key keyblock.

Sent myself a test message encrypted with the public key of the above

Downloaded the e-mail in iPhone, select all/copy.

Back to oPenGP, Import/Decrypt Clipboard, enter the passphrase.

It works.

I don't feel at ease having my secret key in my iPhone, but i can learn
to live with it, if I really want to use this iPhone feature.
I'm not sure I want to.


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