Assertion failure from gnupg with enigmail 1.2

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jul 12 21:09:12 CEST 2011

I sent the following message to the enigmail list but they punted me to
you. :) To clarify, I can take the same command line and run it in a
terminal against a text file just fine. If you lot can tell me what the
failed assertion means, I can go back to the enigmail folks with more data.




I'm getting some odd errors with enigmail 1.2 and tb5 on FreeBSD. I just
sent a message to a mailing list and the "sign replies to signed mail"
auto-option kicked in, which is great. :)  The problem is, the signature
on my message fails to validate, which has never happened to me before.

So then I tried sending myself a simple message and I get this:

enigmail> /usr/local/bin/gpg2 --charset utf8 --batch --no-tty
--status-fd 2 -t --clearsign -u 0x1A1ABC84 --use-agent
Assertion failed: (data), function mpi_from_sexp, file pkglue.c, line 41.

That line from pkglue.c:

static gcry_mpi_t
mpi_from_sexp (gcry_sexp_t sexp, const char * item)
  gcry_sexp_t list;
  gcry_mpi_t data;

  list = gcry_sexp_find_token (sexp, item, 0);
  assert (list);
  data = gcry_sexp_nth_mpi (list, 1, 0);
  assert (data);	<<<<<<<<< line 41
  gcry_sexp_release (list);
  return data;



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