It Is Gone

Jonathan Ely thajsta at
Tue Jul 19 23:24:05 CEST 2011

Six days ago I received my machine from repair. I am now running Windows 
7 Ultimate and am ready to get back into the Enigmail scene after 
settling in with Firefox and Thunderbird. However, when I navigated to 
the download page on the familiar table was not there. Where 
did the GnuPG package go? I do not like GPG4WIN because it installs all 
that other inaccessible and unnecessary software not to mention it 
installs GnuPG version 2 which requires that other thing that deals with 
pass phrases and version 1.4.11 [the last version I used] was more easy 
to work with. Can somebody please link to or refer me to the site that 
contains the latest version 1 of GnuPG? Thanks.

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