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Deleted. I may be a newb to this list, but I believe etiquette is to post an OT so that we can skip stuff like this.


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Jerry wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:24:14 +0100
> david at gbenet.com articulated:
>> I much prefer to send and receive in plain txt. When I started out
>> some 25 years ago it was the norm and the convention to do so. I ran
>> a BBS (Bullet Board System) and later became an ISP (Internet Service
>> Provider). Most people that use Microsoft O/S format emails as HTML -
>> using fancy fonts and so on. A simple "Hello world" is 50Kb in
>> Microsoft-speak yet a mere 5bytes in linux-speak. We - with long
>> memories remember the criminal actions of Microsoft - which still act
>> the same way as in the past. There's a lot of "politics" as to why
>> people write plain txt - who use Linux and not the criminally-based
>> Microsoft. A lot of people do not care if they send out junk emails -
>> their friends can read it and so must the rest of the world.
>> I think lists should say "Please send plain txt only."
> I prefer plain ASCII text format myself in most instances. However,
> your argument loses traction as soon as you start with this obvious
> personal vendetta against Microsoft.
> Those of use with long memories remember that the mail objection from
> the *.nix/*BSD community was the fact that most native MUA's currently
> available at that time were not able to properly handle HTML or MIME
> encoded messages. They then preceded to throw up a smoke screen
> condemning what they could not handle properly.
> By the way, and just out of blatant morbid curiosity, if an
> acquaintance, business or personal were to request that you communicate
> in HTML format would you do it?
> In conclusion, if you receive an HTML message, just delete it. Better
> yet, set up filters, configure your MTA if you employ one, or whatever
> means needed to remove this problem from your environment. You
> obviously have a lot of hatred build up. Elimination of this pseudo
> problem before it reaches your viewing screen would be a major step
> forward for you.

Hi Jerry,

I don't hate any one for using Microsoft - I even beta-tested Windows 3.11 and Windows 95/98
till I realised that though we filed bug reports Microsoft in Ireland took no notice.

And as an ex-Chairman and ex-Vice President of a US Company we had an ethical trading policy
to which the Microsoft Corporation failed to comply with. They still seem to be facing
problems in the EU.

If I were to suggest that you should support your local bank robber or mugger and give them
every assistance and that all criminals be released - you would suggest that I was mad.
Microsoft does engage in illegal business practices - and are supported by millions every
day with their lock in licences and anti-competitive practices.

I just have a better grasp of business ethics and better grasp in recognising software
freedom - but I don't hate people for their ignorance of Microsoft's bad and illegal
business practices.

Most people have Microsoft on their desktop or laptop without any choice. They do not have
the freedom of choice. Most people like my girlfriend just switch on their laptop or desktop
and use it without any knowledge that there are alternatives.

As some one said "Microsoft gives you Windows - Linux gives you the whole house" that whole
house is for free. Microsoft lock you in - they lock companies in too. They engage in
illegal business practices.

I often find it odd that people when they get to know about Microsoft's illegal business
practices that they continue to have a Microsoft Operating System on the desktop or laptop.
Companies that sell desktops and laptops operate with very small margins - but the licence
that goes to Microsoft is constant about 12 years ago it was a fact that IBM paid Microsoft
a licence fee for every machine it sold - $400 USD. So when desktops or laptops are sold in
a sale there is no reduction of licence fee which remains a constant.

A computer buyer can not go into say PC World and say "I like that HP or Acer, but I will
buy it with or without an operating system or with a Linux distro installed." They have no
choice. Microsoft's business policy is "No choice but Microsoft for the general consumer and
for the business user."

I support freedom of choice - I support ethical business practices. Microsoft Corporation
does not support any ethical principles. It is not a question of "I hate Microsoft." I don't
support unethical or illegal business practices.

I also think that the majority of computer users are in ignorance. But you can Google and
see for yourself the basis of business practice by Microsoft Corporation. Oh and once IBM
had a licence for Windows - IBMers are not told to talk about that.

But once you do know - then you have a choice - continue to support anti-competitive
unethical and illegal business practices of the Microsoft Corporation or if you support
ethical good practice and no criminal activity. Your choice as everyone else's.

As an oldy (63) I prefer plain txt. I don't admonish people for sending me HTML with all
manner of fancy fonts - I just accept it.


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